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You can be trained as a GROUP, and INDIVIDUALLY

Full-time education
Full-time education involves the issuance of a final document. The type of the final document depends on the chosen course

Extramural studies
Includes online classes in real time on the Zoom platform. Attendance in online classes with a camera turned on is mandatory.
The course includes hours for self-study.
Extramural studies involves the issuance of a Certificate of the CPRM company in electronic form with the possibility of obtaining the original (optional).
Shipping conditions:
1. Produced by the transport company CDEK from Moscow to the warehouse or to the recipient's door.
2. Payment at the expense of the recipient.

DateDaysTimeCoursesThe Cost
in rub.
11.03.2024Mon, Wedfrom 12:00 before 15:00Massage for pregnant women
Contract offer (Extramural)
3 540sign up
15.03.2024Frifrom 10:00 before 15:00French sculptural facial massage
Contract offer (Extramural)
3 500Teacher Zhukova Nadezhdasign up
16.03.2024Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 16:00Functional anatomy for massage therapistsWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
6 000Teacher Maltsev Pavelsign up
01.04.2024on weekdays,
6 lessons
from 10:00 before 14:00Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge. Providing first aid
Contract offer (Extramural)
6 000Teacher - Zhukova Nadezhdasign up
05.04.2024Fri, Satfrom 11:00 before 19:00Neo-bioenergy 2. Advanced level20 000Teacher Ekaterina Gorbunovasign up
06.04.2024Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 18:30Neo-psychosomatics. Diagnosis and removal of psychosomatic blocks in adultsWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
7 200Teacher Voronina Ekaterinasign up
13.04.2024Satfrom 11:00 before 18:30Neo-psychosomatics of childhoodWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
6 000Teacher - Voronina Ekaterinasign up
18.05.2024Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 19:00Neo-psychosomatics. Diagnosis and removal of psychosomatic blocks in adultsWatch the video16 000Desirable knowledge of the course: Acupressure. Teacher Matsak Mariasign up
20.05.2024Monfrom 11:00 before 18:00Neo-psychosomatics of childhoodWatch the video14 000Teacher - Macak Mariasign up


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