Full course. Medical Massage

Certification Course. Medical Massage

Полный курс. Медицинский массаж

The course is designed for massage therapists on the basis of state standards specifically for students with medical education. In this regard,, distinctive features of the curriculum is to read informational purposes "health" to those on the anatomy and physiology with more emphasis on the practice and refinement of techniques of massage techniques.

Learning Outcomes

We are well aware that, that the main task of certification courses, along with the improvement of skills or getting in medical massage is a certification specialist and state certificate, issued, for five years. Therefore we have tried to add to the Methodist curriculum masseurs such thematic blotches, that would be interesting, as already experienced professionals, and novice health professionals.

To obtain the "Certificate", in the training part of the Institute, the following documents:

  • copy of passport;
  • a copy of the diploma of medical education with a liner;
  • copy, certifying the change of name (if the name has changed).

The final documents of Completion masseur:

  • Specialist Certificate
  • Certificate of professional development


  1. Anatomical and physiological features of the structure of the human body.
  2. Sanitary-hygienic requirements for massage.
  3. Indications and contraindications for massage.
  4. Physiological effects of massage on the body.
  5. The nature of the massage.
  6. General rules for massage. Massage techniques. Types.
  7. Massage techniques. Classification.
  8. Stroke(theory, practice).
  9. Chafing(theory, practice).
  10. Squeezing(theory, practice).
  11. Petrissage(theory, practice).
  12. Vibration(theory, practice).
  13. Percussion techniques(theory, practice).
  14. Active-passive motion (theory, practice).
  15. The concept of hypertonicity, hypotonus muscles. Trigger points.
  16. Osteochondrosis. Concept. Features massage.
  17. Massage in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  18. Massage with respiratory diseases.
  19. Massage knee.
  20. Massage of the shoulder joint.
  21. Massage for hypertension.
  22. Massage with hypotension.
  23. Honey massage.
  24. Cup massage.
  25. Acupressure.
  26. Aromatherapy.
  27. Massage with flaccid paralysis.
  28. Massage spastic paralysis.
  29. LFC.
  30. Massage in pediatrics.
  31. Receiving customer. Features. Questioning.
  32. Regulatory and legal framework of the masseur.
  33. Device to work masseur. Interview.
  34. Massage the back of the.
  35. Massage the front surface.
  36. Full body massage.
  37. Securing massage techniques. Parsing errors and issues.

The program state-.
Duration of training 12 weeks(288 TUs)
Cost of training: 34 900 Rub.


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