Union author school CPRM

Author's schools of the CPRM and their representatives


School of massage technologies «EstMaster»
School of Spanish massage techniques of kinesiotherapist Enrique Castells Garcia.

Школа-студия СИАМ

School-studio SIAM
School-studio of exotic massage SIAM provides regular training in oriental massage technologies.

Авторская школа Себе и людям

Author's school “Yourself and people”
BOGDANOVICH VITALY NIKOLAEVICH - psychologist of the highest category, laureate of the RAO grant for the study of altered states of consciousness (ISS), author of numerous trainings, seminars, tests.

Школа массажных технологий Владимира Галагузы

School of massage technologies of Vladimir Galaguza
Easy to learn massage. But it is correct to apply it and think clinically – difficult.

Школа холистического массажа Руты Страткаускене

School of holistic massage by Ruta Stratkauskienė
PURPOSE - to open the door wide to the world of massage and teach you how to masterfully create your own massage.

Виктор Огуй — Поющие чаши

Victor Oguy - Singing Bowls
Victor Oguy is an independent expert in the field of massage, bath and SPA-technologies.

Авторская школа Фиделя Субботина

Author's school of Fidel Subbotin
Author's school of Fidel Subbotin, Author's school of Fidel Subbotin.


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