Workshops on massage:


“Canned, vacuum massage”
The world can massage – effective tool in the fight against cellulite.

“Massage in ophthalmology”
The seminar will describe how to carry out massage the eye to keep them healthy.

“Massage for animals”
Basic techniques of massage for animals. The need for massage. Practical training in basic techniques.

“Atmosphere Spa and creation of a show”
Creating a favorable environment for procedures SPA massage.

“Massage for pregnant women”
Contraindications to massage, highlights, characteristics of pregnancy.

The assimilation of skills on the rotation and mobilization in order to improve the general condition.

Method Yoshiro Tsutsumi. A set of exercises. The energy around us. The positive energy in home and office.

Versatility and mobility of self-massage techniques can efficiently and effectively to make a massage.

“Turkish massage your feet”
Technique and methodology for conducting procedures Turkish massage your feet. Safety and basic techniques.

“Turkish classical massage”
Turkish massage is a form of massage and bath.

The rules of manipulation of active points based on the concept of “of life” energy.

“Stone Therapy”
Technique and methodology for conducting procedures Stone Therapy with hot and cold stones.

“Reflexology Foot Massage”
Highly, Universal, and completely safe treatment system.

“Sensual Massage”
Physiological effect on the human body, Indications and contraindications for massage.

“Individual training massage”
A variety of massage courses for individual study with instructor.

“Russian Baths”
Mechanisms of action of baths on human health, tips for skin rejuvenation, Aromatherapy.

“Sports massage”
The application of this type of massage is favorable to fitness and retention.

“Lymphatic drainage massage”
The lymphatic system and interstitial fluid, is known, представляют собой особо важные компоненты внутренней среды тела.

“Anti-cellulite massage”
Cellulite is called a local disturbance of the process of metabolism in adipose tissue, caused by the hormonal, alimentary, vascular factors or physical inactivity.

“Massage with bamboo sticks and brooms”
Massage firmly taken its place among the recreational and therapeutic procedures.

“Reflexology for doctors”
Designed for use acupuncture as an effective auxiliary method of treatment of various diseases.


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