Facial massage according to Jacquet

Seminar "Jacquet Facial Massage"

Массаж лица по Жаке

Duration of training: 6 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic7 000 Rub.
Individual training — 14 000 Rub. (4 academ. hours)

Outcome document – certificate

Массаж по Жаке был предложен в начале XX века знаменитым дерматологом доктором Жаке для лечения методом «щипков» тяжелых форм акне. Jacquet massage is a technique of deep stimulation of the glands (sweat and sebaceous), thereby blurring the epidermis and the renewal of sebum. There is a saturation of oxygen to tissues, improving their drainage and cleansing, circulation is stimulated by heating tissue forceps.

Массаж по Жаке – это не только великолепное «оружие» для борьбы с акне, but effective way of lifting and rejuvenation, as tweaks enhance oksiginatsiyu subcutaneous muscle, therefore strengthens the subcutaneous tissue.

To attend the seminar requires knowledge cosmetic facial massage.

Statement: oily seborrhea, stagnation, Acne, infiltrates, postacne. Changing the oval face, prevention of premature aging of skin.

Contraindications: eczema, acute form of rosacea, herpes, violation of the integrity of the skin, acute inflammation of the facial nerve, severe disease in SSA, hypertension stage III, severe physical illness.

Basic massage techniques Jacquet:
Tongs, petrissage, pinching deep vibration.

The program recommended by the "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.


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