Therapeutic physical culture

Seminar “Therapeutic physical culture (LFC)”

Лечебная физическая культура

In total – 72 ah
Tuition rate gymnastics – 12 900 Rub


1. Anatomical and physiological structure of skin and muscle of man. Dynamic Anatomy.
2. LFC concepts. The forms and means of LFC. Indications and contraindications. Types of exercise. Dosing of the load.
3. Types of reactions of the cardiovascular system to exercise. Calculation of physical activity, depending on the response of the cardiovascular system. The level of safe loads. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The concepts of sport heart. Strength training.
4. Exercise therapy in cardiovascular diseases.
5. Exercise therapy for diseases of the respiratory system.
6. Exercise therapy for fractures of the extremities. Exercise therapy for diseases of the joints.
7. Exercise therapy for fractures of the spine.
8. Exercise therapy for central and peripheral paralysis.
9. Exercise therapy in spinal osteochondrosis and its complications.
10. LFC in violation of posture.
11. Exercise therapy for overweight.
12. Exercise therapy for diseases of the digestive system.
13. Exercise therapy for prolapse of internal organs, pelvic.
14. Exercise therapy in diseases of the blood vessels of lower extremities.
15. Scoring the final session.

Fundamentals of medical physical culture

Already on the basis of clear title, that in these courses will be considered aspects of gymnastics and nuances, associated with treatment by physical exercise and stress. Exercise therapy as a treatment and rehabilitation is essential in the posttraumatic period of the patient. As well as exercise therapy plays an important role in the treatment of a vast range of diseases not related to traumatic injuries. The course is in full exercise therapy can be considered as the basic anatomical and physiological features of the structure of human, and the methods and techniques of treatment of various diseases with the help of physical exercises. After the course students will know the LFC, how to pick the individual patient load and arrange the most appropriate treatment or rehabilitation program.


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