Thai acupressure


We invite you to a seminar, which will be held 29 October 2012 city. by 2 November 2012 year, in g. Moscow. From Monday to Friday 10:00 before 18:00.

Seminar “Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic conditions of the lower limb and hip”

Тайская акупрессура

Teacher – Dr.Noam Tiroler(Israel)
Noam will assist Ariel Pelevin (Israel)

Cost of the workshop17 000Rub.
If you contract:
– before 1 August – 15 000 Rub,
– before 1 September – 16 000 Rub.

For Members of the Association Massage therapists TSPRM, discount 1 000 Rub, but the cost of not less than 15 000 Rub.

Noam TIROLER exclusively invited, School of Massage Ariel Pelevin on the basis of the Union of Authors' Schools TSPRM.

Students, with a need to take comfortable clothes, blanket or rug (tourist), notebook, pen and as unique equipment, with the permission of the teacher can make a video.

Noam Tyrol was in Thailand, traditional Thai massage and acupressure to Thai 1989 city. Since 1991. founded the department in Israel to study Thai massage, last 10 years of teaching Thai acupressure in more than 15 countries in the best institutes and colleges, he was invited to America, Канаду, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Baltic countries, Croatia, Russia, Israel, Thailand, and m. e.

He is the author of the bestselling, the only books on Thai acupressure in the world, in English and soon in Russian. Book and Methods, above all, solutions designed for serious orthopedic pathologies and dysfunctions, and will be especially interesting, people involved, rehabilitation and medical areas of massage. Technique does not require work only on the floor and the, who are skeptical of the work on the mat. No doubt, be able to use it on the couch, because it is universal for all possible positions, Sitting, standing and lying. Technique tested not only thousands of years of practice in Thai medicine, but also in the the best rehabilitation centers in Israel, studies were carried out with the best physiotherapists and rehabilitation, that was the basis of scientific and physiological to create a book and confirm this technique. Experience has shown extraordinary efficacy in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and the whole organism, Workshop provides the tools needed, for immediate assistance with virtually no contraindications. Technique is very old, includes clear scheme of study points and meridian, and in contrast to the Chinese point therapy, are the real muscle-tendon meridians, and not just power lines. These knowledge, practically closed to study in Thailand, But Noam knowledge gathered from various sources, because it could be not only a student, but also a practicing monk at the monastery, He studied for those, who are no longer his material and his delivery is unique in its kind.


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