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Seminar “Sports massage”

Спортивный массаж

Sports massage as a form of classical massage

Sports massage is a massage, which in practice is used to increase the efficiency of athletes and improve their physical abilities. In fact, sports massage - another link in the system of sports training: its application to rapid attainment and retention of fitness. In addition, Sports massage - not only a great help in the fight against fatigue, but also a unique way of training (at all stages of the training process) to participate in competitions and directly in front of them. Sports massage also, Like other types of massage, There are two forms of: private and common. Massage can be performed by self-massage or massage therapist.

More about sports massage

Massage - a loyal ally of sport, there, where there was the development of sport, no doubt, developed and sports massage. In the high schools of ancient Greece it was taught, along with exercise. Massage was considered the greatest ancient Greek physicians essential and indispensable element of the physical education of Hellenic Medicine. Before and after the match athletes of ancient Greece there were available to teachers of gymnastics ("Pedotribov"), which they were ground, washed, sprinkled with fine sand from the Nile. More flexible and strong joints made to fight the Roman gladiators by rubbing. Mutual massage, that carried arms and legs, using clay and oils used Indian pugilists. So, As we can see, back in China, India, Ancient Greece and Rome in the education of pugilists, gladiators and warriors are widely used sports massage. The Greeks and Romans were isolated following types of massage, as:

  • preliminary;
  • training;
  • recovery.


In our country, sports massage has been developed and systematized on the basis of classical massage IM. Sarkizovym-Serazini. Author, depending on the tasks of massage, allocated to these types of:

  1. Hygienic massage - sports massage, held every morning in the form of self-massage, along with gymnastics.
  2. Training massage - sports massage, used to strengthen muscles and improve the physical condition of athletes during training.
  3. Pre-massage - sports massage, that take place immediately before the sporting performance of athletes to improve performance. There are those of its sub:
    • warm-up (performed immediately before the start);
    • massage in prelaunch conditions (performed to create an athlete needed mental and emotional state);
    • Warming massage (performed when there is a threat of supercooling of the body).
  4. Recovery massage - sports massage, who shall be appointed to speed up the recovery of muscle performance after performance. In order to promptly withdraw from the muscle breakdown products, eliminate the effects of trauma, restorative massage is often combined with gidroprotsedurami. To restore power after a massage exercise will be more effective, rather than passive recreation.


The technique of sports massage is characterized by the modified methods (dominated by kneading) classical massage. In large muscle groups, most techniques are performed with the weights – two hands, when one is on top of another. Sports massage can be carried out feet, if you massage your hands does not have the desired effect.

Various sports, even with the involvement of the same parts of the body, will have different effects on muscle, because they will work different muscle groups. For example, during a game of tennis as well, as when running, working leg, but – different muscle groups.

Sports massage is done depending on the type of sport, and focuses not on the whole body, and in some muscle, who are most involved in this sport. So, runner and cyclist, tennis player and basketball player needs a different plan for massage.

The program of the seminar sessions:

  1. Introduction.
  2. History and development of sports massage.
  3. The development of sports massage in Russia.
  4. Topography of muscle groups.
  5. Regulation masseur and massaged in procedures sport massage.
  6. Methodology for the massage techniques and their influence on the physiological body and the CNS:
    • Stroke
    • Squeezing
    • Petrissage
    • Shaking techniques
    • Rubbing the fascia, joints and tendons
    • Movement
    • Shock
    • Vibration
  7. Classification of sports massage, performing procedures in professional sports massage
    • Training: increases the fitness, preserving the physical shape, boost the development of physical qualities
    • Preliminary: mobilizing a pre warm-up
    • Recovery
    • Massage at traumas
  8. Features art and techniques of sports massage, and their sequence.
    • The method of soothing massage
    • The method of toning massage
    • The method of warming massage
    • The technique of dry massage
    • The technique of massage with the use of ointments and rastirok
    • The distribution of time to conduct massage techniques depending on the objectives pursued
    • Performing procedures of massage for people, engaged in physical activity and fitness.
      • Restore the overall health
      • To increase the effect of exercise
      • Eliminate the pain and fatigue after fitness
    • Performing procedures of massage for people who are not involved in fitness.
      • To improve the well-being
      • Reduce the amount of
      • Get the effect of the gym
    • Conducting a massage in any conditions.
  9. The combination of sports massage to other treatments.
    • With gidroprotsedurami
    • With the bath
    • C hardware massage

Duration of the seminar: 20 academic hours.

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment,for practice at the center.

Place of training courses on massage: Metro "Semenovskaya" cm. location map

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost:
Basic – 9 000 Rub.

You can enroll in a course, call the contact phone number of the Center.

Skills: Education training, preliminary, restorative sports massage, etc.;

After the seminar a certificate.

Сертификат международного образца


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