Seminar “Self-massage”


Self-massage has long been used, his methods are the basis for most types of massage, are known today. This type of massage is characterized by such virtues:

  • self-massage can do then, exactly when you want it, rather than waiting for time, assigned to the session with the masseur: during breaks at work, in the sauna, in hiking, and travel, on vacation, home, in sports;
  • self-massage increases the therapeutic effect, by mobility and versatility;
  • self-massage restores power, improves health, uplifting;
  • samomassazh avoids costly services of a professional masseur.

Program activities:

  1. Self-massage of the foot.
  2. Self-massage the calf muscles.
  3. Self-massage hands.
  4. Self-massage of the upper extremities (Hand).
  5. Self-massage of the lower extremities (feet).
  6. Self-massage the chest and abdomen.
  7. Self-massage the neck area.
  8. Self-massage of the head.

Duration of the seminar:
1 occupation, 4 academic hours.

Place of training courses on massage: Metro "Semenovskaya" cm. location map

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost:
Basic – 4 500 Rub. / 1 200 UAH.
Individual training – 9 000 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes) — 13 500 Rub.

After the seminar a certificate.

All classes are practical.

So, Despite some disadvantages (rapid onset of fatigue, inability to completely relax certain muscles and to use some of the techniques of massage), yet, self-massage has a beneficial effect on the condition of the body.

Explore the basic techniques of self-massage, in order to please "a favorite" quality, effective massage. By visiting the "Self-massage", you master the technique of self-massage of the foot, Calf, hands, upper and lower extremities, Life, Breast, head and neck area.


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