Seminar on "Self-massage"


Duration of training: 4 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic 6 500 Rub.
Individual training — 12 000 Rub. (4 academ. hours)

Outcome document – certificate

Self-massage has long been used, his methods are the basis for most types of massage, are known today. This type of massage is characterized by such virtues:

  • self-massage can do then, exactly when you want it, rather than waiting for time, assigned to the session with the masseur: during breaks at work, in the sauna, in hiking, and travel, on vacation, home, in sports;
  • self-massage increases the therapeutic effect, by mobility and versatility;
  • self-massage restores power, improves health, uplifting;
  • samomassazh avoids costly services of a professional masseur.

So, Despite some disadvantages (rapid onset of fatigue, inability to completely relax certain muscles and to use some of the techniques of massage), yet, self-massage has a beneficial effect on the condition of the body.

Explore the basic techniques of self-massage, in order to please "a favorite" quality, effective massage. By visiting the "Self-massage", you master the technique of self-massage of the foot, Calf, hands, upper and lower extremities, Life, Breast, head and neck area.

The workshop program:

  1. Self-massage of the foot.
  2. Self-massage the calf muscles.
  3. Self-massage hands.
  4. Self-massage of the upper extremities (Hand).
  5. Self-massage of the lower extremities (feet).
  6. Self-massage the chest and abdomen.
  7. Self-massage the neck area.
  8. Self-massage of the head.

The program recommended by the "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.

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