Segmental massage

Seminar “Segmental massage”

Сегментарный массаж


1. Theoretical justification segmental massage, effects on the body.
2. Diagnosis of diseases of the skin for changes, subcutis, human muscles.
3. Study special segmental techniques and their effect on the body. Comparison of special techniques of segmental massage and classic massage.
4. Practical working methods, depending on the pathology revealed. Teaching sample schemes segmental neck massage, back, sacro-gluteal, as the main effects, and in combination with classic massage.

In total – 12 ah
Cost of training course “Segmental massage” – 5 500 Rub

Segmental reflex massage

Segmental massage technique avoids the sometimes tedious and not always desirable for contraindications massage large areas of the body, allowing you to work single-minded focus on a small area. Such work, saves power, The massage, so, decreases and the cost of the procedure. So, increase the competitiveness and availability of massages. The effectiveness of segmental massage is much higher than that of the classical. But the method itself is used as a therapeutic, and as a preventive measure.


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