Massage for pregnant women

Seminar “Massage for pregnant women”

Массаж для беременных

Massage for pregnant women:
benefit from the pleasure

Often women during pregnancy suffer pain in the legs, back, back, of varicose veins, overweight, Stretch, swelling, constipation, Depression, irritability and insomnia. From all these troubles, is, a woman can save a massage for pregnant women. And the, This procedure gives the expectant mother not only benefit, but also a lot of fun. Regular massage for pregnant women, due to production of endorphins, helps establish a positive emotional woman to future delivery.

Held a special massage for pregnant women, excellent from the classical: all movements are performed by hand relaxed, without pressure, vibration of the fingers is performed, not used the device of "kneading" the underlying tissues.

So, the benefits of massage for pregnant women may be called:

  • relieved stress on the body of a pregnant;
  • harmony with the inner peace and total relaxation;
  • increase in skin elasticity, prevention of stretch marks;
  • improvement of metabolic;
  • improvement of lymph- and circulatory, which are lost due to congestion in the lower extremities and pelvis;
  • positive impact on the mental state of expectant mother.

About the seminar:
Massage has beneficial effects on overall health, and enhance the vitality, improves the process of circulation (removal of edema), helps maintain the correct posture and relieves the spine during pregnancy! The task of massage – make a correct and effective massage. At the seminar “Massage for pregnant women” considered: contraindications for massage, highlights, principles and features of massage during pregnancy.

Timetable for Workshop masseurs:
2-3 classes. (8-12 ak. hours)

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment,for practice at the center.

Place of training courses on massage: Metro "Semenovskaya" cm. location map

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost:
Basic – 5 900 Rub.
Individual training – 11 800 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes) — 17 700 Rub.


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