Lymphatic drainage of the body

Seminar “Lymph. Lymphatic drainage of the body”

Лимфодренаж. Лимфатический дренаж тела

Prerequisites courses: have knowledge of classical or therapeutic massage.

For lessons in a course of lymphatic drainage needed: notebook, pen, change of clothes and shoes, kit for practice (sheet, towel).

In total – 16 ah
Cost of training course “Lymphatic drainage of the body” – 8 000 Rub

Training in specialized courses “Lymphatic drainage of the body for cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Nurses”. Education is 16 hours, includes theory and practical sessions on lymphatic drainage.

1. Introduction.
2. The structure of the lymphatic system.
2.1. Lymphatic capillaries.
2.2. Lymphatic vessels.
2.3. Lymphatic duct.
2.4. Lymph nodes.
3. Properties of lymph.
4. Formation of lymph in the body.
5. Cellular composition of the lymph.
6. Function of the lymphatic system.
7. Factors, promote current lymph.
8. Indications contraindications to lymphatic drainage.
9. Basic methods of lymphatic drainage.
10. General recommendations for lymphatic drainage.
11. The combination of lymphatic drainage with other procedures.
12. Requirements for the session, the rate of lymphatic drainage of the body.
13. Minutes of the lymphatic drainage.
14. Exercises lymphatic drainage.

The training courses Lymph body to issue the necessary teaching material.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage of the body is a special technique, designed to stimulate lymph flow, excretion of harmful substances, release excess fluid from tissues naturally. The peculiarity of the impact of lymphatic drainage is, that it covers the entire lymphatic system as a whole.

Lymphatic drainage helps:
– elimination of excess fluid from the body,
– reduction of swelling and volume of subcutaneous fat,
– overall normalization of metabolic processes,
– muscle relaxation,
– increased immunity,
– improve the overall condition of the body.

The procedure is part of the lymphatic drainage of body care. Can be used both independently, and in combination with various types of massage and beauty treatments. It is recommended as the primary vehicle recovery after surgery.


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