Lymphatic-cellulite massage

Seminar “Lymphatic-cellulite massage”

Лимфодренажный-антицеллюлитный массаж

Unfortunately, Not all women are able to boast a slender beautiful body without flaws. So, age-related changes, stress, diet, pregnancy 'originate', leaving traces on the body of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite is called a local disturbance of the process of metabolism in adipose tissue, caused by the hormonal, alimentary, vascular factors or physical inactivity. Painless, but effective method to fight cellulite cellulite massage acts. Anti-cellulite massage is carried out mainly with the use of anti-cellulite, containing dietary supplements.

The best effect of anti-cellulite massage provides, combined with lymph drainage. This allows you to work out all the problem areas, providing a feeling of contact with a person massazhiruemym.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system and interstitial fluid, is known, constitute a particularly important component of the internal environment of the body. They are in a constant interaction, serving as a drainage and transport enzymes (protein, of glucose, toxins, etc.).

Lymphatic drainage massage activates the production of lymphocytes and accelerates their turnover in the body. Lymphatic drainage massage, thanks to a special massage movements, promotes the renewal of the pump function of the lymphatic capillary, by improving the rhythmic compression of tissues.

Lymphatic drainage massage strengthens the immune system, reduce congestion in limfososudah, optimizing fluid and electrolyte balance, helps to eliminate toxins and impurities, activates lipolysis, adding anti-cellulite program.

So, lymphatic drainage massage, as well as anti-cellulite massage, You can practice as self-treatments, and complementary.

Syllabus for anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Keeping.
  2. Anatomy and physiology.
  3. Contraindications for anti-cellulite procedures - lymph drainage massage
    • Anatomical features of the structure of subcutaneous fat in men and women.
    • The structure of the skin.
    • The concept of skin turgor.
    • The ability to identify tissue turgor.
  4. The concept of cellulite.
    • Containment areas of cellulite.
      • Area of ​​the thighs and buttocks.
      • The abdomen.
      • The shoulder region.
    • The degree of cellulite.
      • The first degree
      • The second degree
      • Third degree
      • Четвертая степень
    • The ability to determine the degree of cellulite.
  5. Anti-cellulite massage.
    • Basics of anti-cellulite massage.
    • Technique and methods of anti-cellulite massage.
      • Technique and methods of procedure in the field of anti-cellulite massage of the lower extremities.
      • Technique and methodology for conducting procedures on anti-cellulite massage thighs and buttocks.
      • Technique and methodology for conducting anti-cellulite massage procedures in the abdomen.
      • Technique and methodology for conducting procedures on anti-cellulite massage of the upper extremities.
      • Technique and methodology for conducting the procedures of general anti-cellulite massage.
    • The concept of lymphatic drainage.
  6. The combination of anti-cellulite massage with physio treatments.
  7. The concept of anti-cellulite procedures.
  8. The concept of reconstruction of the body - (modeling).
  9. Practical exercises.

Продолжительность занятий на Семинаре массажистов: 2-3 Day (12 ak. hours)

Place of training courses on massage: Metro "Semenovskaya" cm. location map

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost:
Basic – 7 000 Rub. / 1 760 UAH.
Individual training – 14 000 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes) — 21 000 Rub.


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