Classic massage (without additional. techniques)

Seminar “Classic massage” without additional techniques

Классический массаж

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost: Basic - 11 500 Rub.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Indications for massage.
  3. Contraindications to massage.
  4. Basic hygiene procedures for massage: the patient, massage therapist, equipment and facilities.
  5. The main purpose of massage procedures.
  6. The patient's position during the massage.
  7. Means for massage.
  8. Classical massage techniques:
    • stroke
    • friction
    • petrissage
    • percussion techniques
    • vibration
  9. Methods and techniques of classical massage body parts:
    • Massage the scalp, the neck area, Hand (in supine and sitting);
    • Classic massage (thoracic and lumbar);
    • Foot Massage;
    • Massage the abdomen;
    • chest compressions.
  10. Full body massage.
  11. Classical massage technique with increased body hair /Novelty/
    • Features and tips during the massage at home.


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