Canned, vacuum massage

Seminar “Canned, vacuum massage”

Canned, vacuum massage

Vacuum massage - a true helper in the fight against cellulite and osteochondrosis

Cup massage (vacuum massage) mainly used in the struggle with the deposition of salts, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, cellulitis. Vacuum massage is based on the action of the vacuum stimulation of cutaneous receptors. Special silicone or plastic jars, "Latched" to the body, move the massage. This procedure makes it possible to significantly increase blood flow to tissues, increasing the intensity of the exchange in the body, immune and regenerative processes. Usually can massage evokes a feeling of burning a light or moderate pain, a small swelling of the skin.

Due to the reflex effects on blood vessels and tissue receptors, can massage enhances the immune response. In the zone of influence of cans produced bioactive substances (Enzymes), stimulating the body recovery, metabolic and immune processes, thereby, removing from the tissues of the possible pathology.

Vacuum massage is known as a highly effective anti-cellulite: abnormal fat formation destroyed by vacuum. Cup massage is also providing dezintoksitsiruyuschee action.

About the seminar:

  1. Introduction
  2. Indications for the procedures can stock-vacuum massage
  3. The main objectives of the tins, vacuum massage
  4. The main contraindications to the procedures in tins, vacuum massage
  5. Types of cans for the canned procedures, vacuum massage ,the difference between them and the selection
  6. Hygiene standards and features of
  7. Zone of the
  8. The basic techniques can stock-vacuum massage
  9. Technique and methods tins- vacuum massage
    • Equipment and technique of vacuum-tins in the back massage
    • Technique and methodology can stock-vacuum massage of the abdomen
    • Technique and methodology can stock-vacuum massage of the chest
    • Technique and methodology can stock-vacuum massage of the lower extremities
    • Technique and methodology can stock-vacuum massage of the upper extremities
  10. Feasibility of combining in tins, vacuum massage with other techniques

Timetable for Workshop masseurs:
4-8 ak. hours, (1-2 Day)

The program recommended by the Association of Massage Therapists TSPRM

The Cost: Basic – 3 000 Rub. / 1 100 UAH.
Individual training: 6000 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes) — 9 000 Rub.


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