Fundamentals of Su Jok

Seminar “Fundamentals of Su Jok”

Основы Су Джок

Duration of course – 32 ah
Cost of training – 6 900 Rub

Open group 10 November 2012.

Su-Jok (Su Jok, Onnuri Su Jok, Su Jok Onnuri, Korean: “Sou” – brush, “Jock” – foot) - Modern teaching, proposed Park Jae Woo, about the nature of the energy system. In more common sense - one of the methods of Oriental Medicine, submitted by acupuncture, warming, chromotherapy, Seed,twist therapy , magnetotherapy, based in part on traditional concepts of Taoism, partly in the original position.

Su-Jok been positioned as a method of self-help is available to all - medicine(recovery), which is the study of the essence of Chinese and Indian medicine, streamlined and integrated their base, developed on the basis of its generalized their vision of the human body as a whole with themselves, and with the universe (World).

Of anatomy and physiology is known, that in humans there are several control systems: nervous and endocrine systems. A link is the blood and lymph. But the dominant, leadership and priority system in the management of all living organisms is the energy system, has its ancient name Vitality.

Each individual has a certain natural frequency, to which the cell and the organism reacts selectively. Organism “knows and learns” its frequency electromagnetic field (biofield, aura). Acupuncture Needles, entered into specific points on the body, like antennas, capture radiation resonant frequency of the source of all life - the Sun and the surrounding area (Cosmos).

So, through a needle or receives an output energy of a certain frequency at a given point, depending on the position of the needle to the flow of energy in the meridian and chakra.

Our physical body operates as an energy system of meridians (power lines auric sphere) and chakras ( energy centers), located on the body, the hands and feet, which circulates energy.

A highly efficient and secure method of Su Jok – it is an integral part of medicine Onnuri, ultra-modern interpretation of the wrist acupuncture, based on knowledge of the human energy system.

Advantages of Su Jok.
Security applications – when properly exposed to the point of Homo-body system is rapid and pronounced therapeutic effect.
Versatility of the system – through every part of the body can be treated with any of its structural unit, any organ or organ system.

Practice has shown high efficiency of Su Jok in various branches of medicine.

I. Introduction
II. Standard correspondence systems the body on the hands and feet

  • Similarity brush body. Thumb – head
    1. Similarity with respect to the number of projections
    2. Similarity in terms of the location of protrusions
    3. Similarity in the direction of the projecting parts
    4. Similarity with respect to the proportions of the size projections
    5. Similarity with respect to the number of segments and joints protruding
    6. Similarity projections with respect to the line of symmetry
    7. Likeness of the thumb head
  • Similarity of the foot body
  • Compliance Yin- and Jan-body surfaces
  • The Reference line in standard correspondence systems of hands and feet
    1. Arrangement of lines of symmetry
    2. POSITION aperture
  • Primary and secondary compliance
  • The projection of the head and spine in the standard correspondence systems of hands and feet
  • Projection limb standard correspondence systems of hands and feet
  • Respective side surface of the trunk
  • The projections of the internal organs in the standard correspondence systems of hands and feet

III. Adjunctive therapy of the hands and feet

  • The concept of additional therapeutic systems
  • Partial matching head on the hands and feet
  • Partial matching shoulder girdle on the hand
  • Partial matching lumbosacral and coccyx
  • Partial compliance system feet
  • Skin and bone compliance
  • Partial compliance system in the feet
    1. Partial systems of correspondence to the body on the feet
    2. Partial matching organs upper abdomen
  • Phenomenon reflected in the correspondence systems

IV.Trehurovnevye compliance system

  • The concept of the three-level systems
  • Three-level system according to the end
  • Standard correspondence systems on the fingers of the body (systems “insect”)
  • Compliance system “root finger”

In. Standard correspondence systems on the distal phalanges

  • Mini System Compliance
  • Microsystems compliance

WE. The principles of treatment using standard correspondence systems of hands and feet

  • Search principles of therapeutic points of correspondence and their stimulation
  • The main treatment
    1. Treatment of two-point
    2. Treatment with three points
    3. Five-stage treatment
    4. Treatment by energy points

VII. Methods of stimulating the healing of correspondence points

  • Diagnostic sticks
  • Metal star
  • Magnetic stars
  • Magnets
  • Massage ring
  • And tubular roller massager
  • Plant Seeds
  • Mini- and mikromoksy
  • Needles
  • Injectors
  • Skarifikatorы

VIII. Su Jok therapy in emergency situations


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