Workshops on massage:


“Sensitivity development of a massage therapist using biodynamic osteopathy practices” Novelty!

“Wave rhythm massage” (Холистический палсинг) Novelty!

“Functional anatomy for massage therapists” Novelty!

“Основы кинезиотейпирования”

“Deep tissue foot massage” Novelty!

“Rezet massage 1 level”

“Rezet massage 2 level”

“Postisometric relaxation (PIR)”

“Логопедический массаж” Novelty!

“Логопедический массаж. 2 level” Novelty!

“Exercise therapy in pediatrics” Novelty!

“Тейпирование в педиатрии” Novelty!

“Диагностика и снятие психосоматических блоков у взрослых”
Novelty! Авторский курс В.В. Melnik.

“Диагностика и снятие психосоматических блоков у детей”
Novelty! Авторский курс В.В. Melnik.

“Нео-психосоматика лица”
Novelty! Авторский курс В.В. Melnik.

Novelty! “Sports massage, 2 level”

“Стоун-релакс массаж”
Novelty! Горячие камни еще в древности использовались китайскими целителями для восстановления упругости и силы уставших мышц.

“Acupressure. Level II” Novelty!

“Перкуссионный массаж”
Novelty! При реабилитации у больных лёгочными заболеваниями и при восстановлении после сильного утомления.

Novelty! Одна из наиболее востребованных услуг в салонах красоты самого высокого уровня.

“Криомассаж. Practice”
How to acquire the skill of working with liquid nitrogen in cosmetology.

“Acupressure in pediatrics”
The use of acupressure in pediatrics, the use of chopsticks.

“LPG вакуумно-роликовый массаж по телу”
Massage, стимулируя лимфоток, accelerates the removal of toxic accumulations.

“Baby Massage for Parents”
Возможность делать массаж ребенку постоянно, в удобное время и в удобном месте.

“Fundamentals of Su Jok”
At the core lies SuDzhok look at the human body as a single power structure, all processes which are interconnected.

“Holistic massage”
Holistic massage helps to eliminate the effects of emotional stress and chronic fatigue.

“Visceral massage”
The impact on the internal organs by pressing, percussion, displacement, Massage.

“Grudnichkovoe swimming”
Swimming training of healthy infants and young children - one of the most popular trends in modern pediatrics.

“Lymphatic drainage of the body”
It is a special technique, designed to stimulate lymph flow.

“Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic conditions of the lower limb and hip”
Effective in treating the whole body

“Spot Qigong massage”
The general scheme of qigong acupressure acupressure using mechanical and without.

“Classic massage”
Indications and contraindications for massage, основные требования, цели, средства и приемы.

“Massage and exercise therapy for cerebral palsy”
The course examines in detail the physiology and pathophysiology of central nervous system with cerebral palsy.

“Segmental massage”
Avoids large areas of the body massage, allowing us to narrow- directed to a small area.

“Postisometric relaxation”
Allows you to effectively deal with the manifestations of musculo-tonic and tunnel syndromes.

“Therapeutic physical culture”
The method of treatment and rehabilitation is essential in the posttraumatic period of the patient.

“Body Wrap Seaweed”
The salt body scrub containing algae.

“Начальная медицинская подготовка. Оказание первой помощи”
Anatomy and physiology. Изучение медицинской терминологии и основ фармакологии. Сестринское дело. Хронические болезни: причины их возникновения.

“Sculptural facial”
Exclusive method of deep muscle massage with the study of muscle.

“Lymphatic-cellulite massage”
Extremely effective tool in the fight against cellulite.

“Turkish bath massage”
Bath has long been a place not only for purification, but also for the treatment of certain diseases and their prevention.

“Body wraps”
Again, cellulitis, and again it is necessary to deal with it… Directly and wrap. But how and what - is what we'll talk.

“Honey massage”
Promotes the release of the body of toxins, provides a burst of energy and energy, skin becomes elastic and smooth.

“Spa relax массаж”
Technique and methodology for conducting procedures SPA massage on the parts of the body and the combination with aromatherapy.


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