Baby massage – Level II

Refresher course "Children's massage – II level»

Детский массаж – II уровень

Duration of training: 28 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic17 000 Rub.
Individual training — 44 500 Rub. (20 academ. hours)
Distance learning — 6 000 Rub.

Required level of preparation – knowledge:

Final documents – attestation (the certificate is issued upon the provision of specialized medical documents on education) + certificate

Детский массаж 2 уровня

Course program

  1. Introduction
  2. Major deviations from the norms of physiological development in different age periods
  3. Hygienic basics of massage
  4. The main contraindications for massage and gymnastics for children
  5. Работа с патологиями:
    • CNS (hypertonicity, gipotonus)
    • hip dysplasia
    • wryneck
    • Flatfoot
    • Clubfoot
    • Violation of posture
      • Scoliosis
      • Giperkifoz
      • Hyperlordosis
      • Reduction (smoothing) thoracic kyphosis
      • Rickets
    • Prematurity
    • Umbilical hernia
    • Treatment of "x" and "o" shaped deformation of the lower extremities
    • Osteochondrosis in school age
      • Peculiarities of diagnosis
      • Features of Massage
  6. Practical exercises
  7. Features of massage and gymnastics in cerebral palsy.
  8. Элементы гимнастики на мяче и ЛФК в работе с патологиями:
    • From 1 months to 3 years (infants)
    • From 3 years to 6 years (early childhood)
    • From 6 years to 12 years (primary school age)
    • From 12 to 18 years (senior school age)
  9. The combination of a point, classical massage, различных форм гимнастик

The program recommended by the "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.

To sign up for Refresher course «Children's massage – Level II" you can in the cities:

CityDateDaysTimeCoursesThe Cost
in rub.
Tver22.03.2024Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 17:00sign up
Odintsovo23.03.2024Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 20:30Classes 23.03.23 and 31.03.23sign up
Saint Petersburg08.04.2024Mon, Tues, Wedfrom 11:00 before 18:00Teacher: Ускова Татьянаsign up
Taganrog06.05.2024on weekdays
6 lessons
from 10:00 before 20:00sign up
Moscow29.05.2024Wed, Thurs, Frifrom 10:00 before 17:00hosted by Tatiana Uskovasign up
Taganrog19.07.2024on weekdays,
5 lessons
from 17:00 before 20:00sign up
Saint Petersburg19.08.2024Mon, Tues, Wedfrom 11:00 before 18:00Teacher: Ускова Татьяна Вячеславовнаsign up
Saint Petersburg18.11.2024Mon, Tues, Wedfrom 11:00 before 18:00Teacher: Ускова Татьяна Вячеславовнаsign up


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