Personal fitness trainer

Seminar “Personal fitness trainer”

Personal fitness trainer

duration of training – 88 academic hours.
Cost basis – 36 600 Rub.

You have made the decision to get an education and become a fitness trainer. Especially for you, we have developed a unique program in the direction of "Personal Fitness Trainer", where you will get in-depth knowledge and understanding of an individual approach to building a successful career in the fitness industry.

You will receive a deep knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology. At the basic course - learn the powerful tool of work fitness trainer: Visual diagnostics of posture, methods for correcting muscle imbalances.
In our training center after receiving theoretical knowledge, you have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge in practice.
You will learn how to safely perform strength exercises on machines and with free weights and get the tools to create a successful training program..


Educational program
1. Lecture. Anatomy
1.1 Lecture. Anatomy of the skeleton
1.2 Lecture. Anatomy of the muscular system
1.3 Lecture. Functional anatomy, fundamentals of biomechanics of motor actions
2. Practice. Visual diagnostics of posture and methodology of work with movement disorders
3. Lecture. Adaptation to physical culture
4. Lecture. Adaptive effect of training on body systems (нервная, эндокринная, circulatory, лимфатическая, сердечно-сосудистая, дыхательная, пищеварительная, выделительная)
5. Lecture. Metabolism and energy
6. Lecture aerobic/anaerobic training
7. Practice. Basics of the training program
7.1 Practice. Types and choice of corrective exercises
7.2 Lecture. Training theory - preparatory stage
7.3 Lecture. Planning and drawing up a training program
8. Practice. biomechanics in exercise
9. Lecture. endurance training
10. Lecture. Safety and health control
11. Lecture. Features of fitness classes with health restrictions
12. Lecture. Decrease in body weight due to the fat component
13. Lecture personal training marketing/client motivation
14. Practice. Weight training:
14.1 Practice. Exercises with weights "Shoulder girdle"
14.2 Practice. Exercises with weights "Back"
14.3 Practice. Exercises with weights "Lower limbs"
14.4 Practice. Weight training. "Muscles of the core"
14.5 Practice. Training in motor actions part 1
14.6 Practice. Training in motor actions part 2
15. Final standings

At the end of the course, you will receive diploma/certificate state sample and certificate “Personal fitness trainer”


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