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You can be trained as a GROUP, and INDIVIDUALLY

Full-time education
Full-time education involves the issuance of a final document. The type of the final document depends on the chosen course

Extramural studies
Includes online classes in real time on the Zoom platform. Attendance in online classes with a camera turned on is mandatory.
The course includes hours for self-study.
Extramural studies involves the issuance of a Certificate of the CPRM company in electronic form with the possibility of obtaining the original (optional).
Shipping conditions:
1. Produced by the transport company CDEK from Moscow to the warehouse or to the recipient's door.
2. Payment at the expense of the recipient.

DateDaysTimeCoursesThe Cost
in rub.
09.10.2023Tuesfrom 09:00 before 15:00Fitness for pregnant women
Contract offer (Extramural)
4 200sign up
21.10.2023Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 20:00AcupressureWatch the video10 800Lecturer Nartov Roman Yurievichsign up
22.10.2023Sat.Mon.Wed.Fri.Sat.SunSat Sun. 11.00 - 16.00 Mon. - Fri. 17.00 - 21.00Classic massageWatch the video15 000Teacher Egorova Ekaterinasign up
23.10.2023on weekdays,
10 lessons
from 10:00 before 13:00Classic massageWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
7 500Teacher - Zhukova Nadezhdasign up
6 lessons
from 11:00 before 16:00Basic facial techniques18 000Teacher Nartova Alexandra Alexandrovna. When buying two packages training (basic and advanced techniques 18000+22800) - discount 4800r. Discounted price - 36000rub.sign up
4 lessons
from 16:00 before 21:00Lymphatic drainage massage. Anti-cellulite massage15 100Knowledge classical massage necessarily.sign up
5 lessons
from 16:00 before 21:00Basic techniques of correction20 520Knowledge classical massage necessarily.sign up
30.10.2023Mon, Tuesfrom 16:00 before 21:00Lymphatic drainage massageWatch the video8 400Knowledge classical massage necessarily. Teacher Nartova Alexandra Alexandrovnasign up
01.11.2023Wed, Thursfrom 16:00 before 21:00Anti-cellulite massage8 400Knowledge classical and lymphatic drainage massage necessarily. Lecturer Nartov Roman Yurievichsign up
03.11.2023Frifrom 16:00 before 20:00Honey massage6 000Knowledge classical and lymphatic drainage massage necessarily. Teacher Nartova Alexandra Alexandrovnasign up
11.11.2023Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 20:00Turkish classical massage12 000Teacher Vit Irina Aleksandrovnasign up
15.11.2023Wed, Thursfrom 10:00 before 13:00Gymnastics on the ball
Contract offer (Extramural)
4 200Teacher Ekaterina Voroninasign up
20.11.2023Mon, Tuesfrom 10:00 before 13:00Logopedic massage
Contract offer (Extramural)
3 500Conducted by Nadezhda Zhukovasign up
25.11.2023Sat, Sunfrom 11:00 before 17:30Neo-psychosomatics. Diagnosis and removal of psychosomatic blocks in adultsWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
7 200Teacher Voronina Ekaterinasign up
05.12.2023Tues, Wedfrom 10:00 before 13:00Acupressure in pediatrics
Contract offer (Extramural)
4 200Teacher Ekaterina Voroninasign up
17.12.2023Sunfrom 11:00 before 18:30Neo-psychosomatics of childhoodWatch the video
Contract offer (Extramural)
6 000Teacher - Voronina Ekaterinasign up


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