Improving the efficiency and quality of work

The overall theme of the IV level – “Improving the efficiency and quality while reducing the load on the massage”

Повышение эффективности и качества работы

About the course:
  1. Muscle-energetic relaxation techniques.
    – techniques have been developed by American osteopath F.L. Mitchell. Their application allows you to remove muscle tension without a long kneading, as well as work on the muscles are not available directly Massaging. Scope of application techniques - preventive and recreational massage, aesthetics of the body.
  2. Articulation and rhythmic techniques.
    Articulation - the impact of technology on the soft tissues and joints by means of rhythmic movement in bone and joint lever pairs. On the effectiveness of the application for removal of muscle and joint blocks, in some cases do not yield to manipulation. However, unlike it does not require medical training and are completely safe for the client.
    Technique is also effective for muscle, inaccessible or difficult to directly influence, such as the pectoral muscles in women.
    Rhythmic techniques are based on the resonance vibrations of the client's body. Perfectly remove blocks and have a psychosomatic effect of lymph drainage.
    Scope - virtually all types of massage.
  3. The ergonomics of the massage.
    Ergonomics of massage - is the ability to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal labor input voltage and.
    Passing the course will receive skills, help sustain long-term load, and perform tricks, require large amounts of stress without a significant.
    Among other things, ergonomics helps to choose the optimal strategy in a massage.
    In addition to the ergonomics of work for massage table, will be given skills to work on the floor at the location of the client on the couch.
    This is one of the foundations of the entire work scope of any massage.
  4. Massage the muscles of prestressed.
    The technique is based on increasing the flow of reflex responses in muscles pre-tensioners. At the core technology of the VI. Dubrovsky and deep tissue massage, developed by osteopaths.
    Scope - Preventive and recreational massage.
  5. Technique rifts and work forearm.
    Non-standard massage techniques, have increased drainage and relaxing effect compared with the methods of traditional classics.
    Scope - all types of massage.

Duration of course in massage 4 level:
42 Academic. hours ( 9 Occupation) – time employment may be extended, depending on the assimilation of information gruppoy.Sertifikat not be issued until, while the student learns the information is not. Extra cost for additional time is needed!
Vlad Melnik
Provides specialized textbook, video video studio TSPRM.

Schedule of classes for massage therapists course:

  • Practical classes begin the first day of training.
  • The schedule specifies the secretary.

Place of training courses on massage: Metro "Semenovskaya" cm. location map

The Cost:
Basic25 000 Rub.
Individual training43 500 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes) — 60 000 Rub.

The program is recommended "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment,for practice at the center.

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