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Special programs for level I training massage “Classic massage”

Классический массаж

  1. Introduction.
  2. Indications for massage.
  3. Contraindications to massage.
  4. Basic hygiene procedures for massage: the patient, massage therapist, equipment and facilities.
  5. The main purpose of massage procedures.
  6. The patient's position during the massage.
  7. Means for massage.
  8. Classical massage techniques:
    • stroke
    • friction
    • petrissage
    • percussion techniques
    • vibration
  9. Methods and techniques of classical massage body parts:
    • Massage the scalp, the neck area, Hand (in supine and sitting);
    • Classic massage (thoracic and lumbar);
    • Foot Massage;
    • Massage the abdomen;
    • chest compressions.
  10. Full body massage.
  11. Classical massage technique with increased body hair /Novelty/
    • Features and tips during the massage at home.
  12. Cup massage:
    • Zone of the
    • Contraindications
    • Statement
    • Technique
    • Technique
  13. Theoretical characteristics of varieties of massage and SPA-procedures

Duration of course in massage Tier I:
Courses classical massage Assimilation Program Level I for a period of 4 – 6 weeks (52 akademchasa), and, while the student is not mastered all the information, certificate will not give him. Additional hours are not paid! /Vlad Melnik/

The cost of courses classical massage :
Basic13 000 Rub..
Attention, стоимость для Дальнего Востока – 15000 Rub.
Individual training36 500 Rub.
VIP-client (individual classes)43 800 Rub.

If you contract directly to:

Courses are held on the classic massage program, recommended "Association of Massage Therapists".

Details about the massage with TSPRM in methodological manuals on classic massage.

Free 56 KB

Equipment and supplies for the practice at the center free of charge.

Classical massage technique and classical massage techniques will be absorbed better, if the acquired knowledge will also be secured and at home, – so the company CPRM at the seminar provides the personal use of his students professional massage tables.

final documents:
Certificate and certificate established sample

Сертификат Классический массаж Свидетельство Классический массаж


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