Advanced techniques for working with the person

Специализированный пакет обучения «Продвинутые техники работы с лицом»

Duration of course:
52 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic19 000 Rub.

Для изучения необходимы знания косметического массажа лица.

The program is recommended "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.

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Пакет «Продвинутые техники работы с лицом» включает в себя:

1. Acupressure face

Acupressure uses the face as a means to preserve youthful skin, because it is very effective in preventing the formation of wrinkles, aging and aging of skin.

In order to address these shortcomings cosmetic face and neck, as "bags" and dark circles under eyes, reduced skin turgor, scars and wrinkles, also used acupressure face. With this type of massage, enhanced secretory function of the sweat and sebaceous glands, increased oxygen saturation of the skin, increases its density and elasticity.

This procedure stimulates acupressure points, as a result of the impact of processes occur, increases blood flow, and hence the oxygen of useful substances. So, point facial massage provides preventive and curative effects of.

Statement: Acne, postakne, puffiness, fading skin, wrinkles, reduced turgor, prevention of aging, sallow complexion, etc..

Contraindications: advantage m acupressure is a relatively safe, but there are a number of contra-: it can not be done during acute inflammatory processes, in the presence of cancer, with existing tumors, elevated body temperature. Pay attention also to certain precautionary measures.

The basic techniques of acupressure face:
STRONG PRESSATSIYA (squeezing point - the point of impact on the finger / toes).

2. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face

The organism is cleared from germs, slag, toxins, viruses and other dangerous waste through the lymphatic system. So, no doubt, failures in its work as lead to trouble aesthetic (swelling under the eyes, bruises, unhealthy complexion, withering of the skin), and serious health problems.

Lymphatic Facial is a procedure, allows to improve complexion, to smooth out wrinkles, reduce hypertonicity mimic muscles, improve blood circulation, restore the water balance of tissues, to give the skin freshness, elasticity and healthy appearance. Lymphatic drainage massage for face and perfectly removes chronic fatigue, tension and headaches.

Statement: in principle, lymphatic drainage massage is everyone, who cares about their health and beauty. Since it heals and recovery procedure, This method is used for edema, пастозности, for fading skin, Dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, sagging skin, decreased tone, fatigue, a bad dream, stress.

Contraindications: lymphadenitis, diseases of the blood, tumor, tuberculosis, chronic dermatosis in acute, acute infections.

The basic techniques of lymphatic drainage facial massage:
Stroking, pat, trituration, kneading, circular and undulating movements, slow and regular movement, deep pressure.

3. Sculptural facial

This is a unique healing massage technique highly effective people, which allows you to successfully solve the problem of age-related changes in the facial area, neck and décolleté areas. This technique affects the muscles of the face, neck and chest, vessels, nerve, secretory apparatus of the skin and, above all, to mimic muscle. This is an excellent way to prevent aging and, enabling intervention to delay the plastic surgeon. In the development of massage into account the anatomy and physiology of the facial muscles. And thanks to the detailed approach, we have great positive results just after the first session.

This particular technique is more intense and profound impact, as opposed to cosmetic and plastic massage. It essentially regulates muscle tone (muscle, are in constant hypertonicity, relax, and weakened muscles atrophied activated). Actively influencing this technique for the subcutaneous adipose tissue, achieve a rapid correction of the effect of a double chin. Well defined anti-aging effect.

При условии регулярного применения такого массажа моделируется овал лица, achieved the effect of "non-surgical facelift", increases blood circulation, hydration, trophism, oksiginatsiya skin tissue. It is also a beautiful and unique lymphatic drainage charge for the facial muscles.

Sessions sculptural relaxing facial massage, relieve the internal stress, cause a very pleasant.

Statement: age-related changes of the skin, gravitational ptosis muscular frame face, пастозность, excess adipose tissue in the area of ​​double chin, sallow complexion, reduced skin turgor and muscle tone, young skin with the appearance of facial wrinkles and deep folds.

Contraindications: severe disease in SSA, hypertension stage III, acute inflammation of the facial nerve, severe physical illness, violation of the integrity of the skin, neoplasms, pustular and infectious diseases skin, dermatitis, rosacea, Rosacea, eczema, herpes, fungal diseases. In diseases of the thyroid gland - with caution.

The basic techniques of sculptural facial massage:
Movement of strong and deep, pull-up, sealing, allow to focus on the impact of particular problem areas.

4. Обновляющий люкс-массаж

This is one of the most effective ways to impact and positive influence on skin, vessels, muscle. In this procedure,, at the expense of diversity of movements, combined effect of mild effects on the fine structures of the skin and deep tissue stimulation. Благодаря моделирующим приемам массажа виден эффект восстановления овала лица и лифтинг.

Stimulation of blood circulation leads to draining and cleaning of fabrics, and enhanced oksiginatsiya serves to strengthen the skin. Specific massage techniques in the eye reduces the stagnation in the area and reinforce the circular muscle of the eye. Smooths wrinkles, provided by the normal circulation of blood and lymph, toxins and activates the flow of nutrients to cells. Stimulated and enlivened by metabolic processes in tissues. The variety of techniques contributes to a thorough working through all the problem areas. Voltage drift, fatigue, there is comfort and peace of mind.

Statement: age fading skin, dry skin, dehydrated, dry and oily skin, changes in facial contours, puffiness, bruising and puffiness, wrinkles, chronic fatigue, stress, sallow complexion, hypertonicity mimic muscles, stagnation.

Contraindications: severe disease in SSA, hypertension stage III, acute inflammation of the facial nerve, severe physical illness, violation of the integrity of the skin, neoplasms, pustular and infectious diseases skin, dermatitis, Rosacea, eczema, herpes, fungal diseases. In diseases of the thyroid gland - with caution.

The basic techniques of massage renews:
Stroke (movement of surface, long and monotonous), clamps, petrissage, friction, vibration, squeeze, stretching motion, important rhythm, the pace and intensity of movements.


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