Classic massage 1 level. Lymphatic drainage massage. Anti-cellulite massage

Training package "Classic massage" 1 level. Lymphatic drainage massage. Anticellulite massage"

Классический массаж 1 уровень. Лимфодренажный массаж. Антицеллюлитный массаж

Duration of training: 76 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic30 600 Rub.
Individual training — 61 200 Rub. (56 academ. hours)

Final documents – attestation + certificate

Additional knowledge and skills are not required!

Course program:

The program recommended by the "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.

When buying a package - saving 14100 Rub. Package price - 30 600 Rub.

CityDateDaysTimeCoursesThe Cost
in rub.
7 lessons
from 10:00 before 21:00sign up
Zhukovsky-Ramenskoye01.09.2024on weekends,
6 lessons
from 10:00 before 18:00sign up


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