Anti-age massage. Comprehensive manual facial rejuvenation

Combination of facial massage techniques – cosmetic, sculptural, neurosedative, myofascial, buccal, lymphatic drainage, spot and PIR.

Specialized course "Anti-age massage". Complex manual rejuvenation of the face "

Anti-age massage. Комплексное мануальное омоложение лица

Duration of training: 36 academic hours.

The Cost:
Basic21 000 Rub.
Individual training — 42 000 Rub. (28 academ. hours)

Final documents – attestation + certificate

After training on the course, you will be able to solve problems:

  • reduction of facial wrinkles
  • prevention and elimination of gravitational ptosis
  • improve sleep and overall psychological state
  • tighten facial contours
  • strengthening muscle facial skeleton, neck and neck
  • start the mechanism of skin samoomolozheniya
  • removal of puffiness
  • slow the aging process due to the supply of nutrients to the skin
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers

Course program:

  1. Anatomical structure of the face
  2. Rules for skin care of the face and décolleté
  3. Ergonomics in facial massage
  4. Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  5. Modern massage techniques:
    • cosmetic massage,
    • sculptural massage,
    • PIR,
    • myofascial massage,
    • buccal massage,
    • lymphatic drainage massage,
    • acupressure,
    • neyrosedativny massage.
  6. Basics of work 8 technicians, which are designed according to the expected result or task

The program recommended by the "Association of Massage Therapists"

The company provides TSPRM at the seminar professional massage tables, to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the home!

The company provides free TSPRM all consumables and equipment, for practice at the center.

To sign up for specialized course «Anti-age massage. Comprehensive manual facial rejuvenation” you can in the cities:

CityDateDaysTimeCoursesThe Cost
in rub.
Moscow22.03.2024Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 20:00sign up
3 lessons
from 10:00 before 20:00sign up
Tver19.04.2024Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 20:00sign up
Saint Petersburg25.04.2024Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 18:00Teacher: Natalia Kozlovasign up
Smolensk14.06.2024Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 20:00sign up
Saint Petersburg01.08.2024Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 18:00Teacher: Natalia Kozlovasign up
Saint Petersburg07.11.2024Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunfrom 10:00 before 18:00Teacher: Natalia Kozlovasign up


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