Massage courses

At this point in CPRM developed and successfully taught the following educational and practical programs in massage:

Массаж лица I уровень

Level I

Level I course on "Facial" includes: course of facial massage, therapeutic massage by Jacquet, plastic massage and scalp massage.

Массаж лица II уровень

Level II

Level II course on "Facial" includes: acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage, sculpted facial, updates the baseband-suite massage.

I уровень - Классический массаж

Level I

“Classic massage”
This course is designed for students with different backgrounds, provides the basic foundation of classical massage, as well as teaches production of masseurs hands.

Классический массаж II уровень


“Классический массаж II уровень”

II уровень - Профессиональный массаж

Level II

“Professional massage”
Learning acupressure (author's method of Center), cellulite massage, Honey massage, Apparatus massage, reflex foot massage, etc..

III уровень - Восточное направление

Level III

The course was designed specifically with the many requests for massage professionals. The purpose of this course – reducing unsustainable burden.

IV уровень

Level IV novelty!

This exclusive course, includes massage techniques, opening the way for the masseur in the field of spa services. You will learn effective massage techniques.

VIP-клиент - Индивидуальные занятия


“Private lessons”
You want to learn massage techniques, but you have no time to attend classes, then we ourselves will come to you! Classes are held at any place convenient for you.


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