Medical Massage in Pediatrics

Certification Course. Medical Massage in Pediatrics. Baby Massage for students with med. education

Сертификационный курс. Медицинский массаж в педиатрии

Certification Course "Baby Massage" is developed on the basis of the program of state standard "Medical Massage". The name itself implies a higher rate bias in the learning process of students in pediatrics with the peculiarities of the age of children and emerging health problems in different age groups.

Education Program courses baby massage is only for students with a medical background with a mandatory issuance upon passage of training and passing the certification exam of state documents: specialist certificate and ID. Curriculum courses baby massage provides a large number of practical exercises reinforce your skills, as well as practice in hospitals of Moscow.

Received education courses baby massage and final discharge papers will, enable any person skilled employed in the public and private hospitals, as well as greatly improving their professional status in a private practice.

To obtain the "Certificate", must submit the following documents:

  • copy of passport;
  • a copy of the diploma of medical education with a liner;
  • copy, certifying the change of name (if the name has changed).

The final documents of Completion.

  • Specialist Certificate
  • Certificate of professional development

The training program on public courses baby massage:

  1. Basic Laws of health.
  2. Fundamentals of psychology.
  3. Anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child's development.
  4. Types of massage.
  5. Massage techniques.
  6. Fundamentals of Family Psychology.
  7. Fundamentals of Pharmacology.
  8. Fundamentals of Infection Control.
  9. Types and methods of rehabilitation..
  10. Anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child's development.
  11. Motor development of the child.
  12. Types of devices, apply to children under the age of one year.
  13. Types of gymnastics, applies to children under the age of one year.
  14. Zonal massage.
  15. Segmental-reflex massage.
  16. International Classification of Diseases. ICD-10.
  17. Pharmacological block.
  18. Massage techniques.
  19. Dysplasia of the hip joint.
  20. wryneck.
  21. Prematurity.
  22. Posseting.
  23. Rickets.
  24. Constipation.
  25. The delay in the development of the child.
  26. Fundamentals of Nutrition.
  27. Scoliosis.
  28. CP.
  29. Rheumatism.
  30. Asthma. Chronic gastritis.
  31. Obesity.

The program state-.
Duration of training 12 weeks(288 TUs)
Practice in hospitals
Cost of training: 34 900 Rub.


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