Therapeutic exercise (LFC)

Certification Course. Therapeutic exercise (LFC)

Лечебная физкультура (ЛФК)

Education for certification courses LFC based on the state program on the physical therapy. The curriculum includes the development of modern methods of treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, diseases with physical therapy.

We are interested in, to alumni of the left wall of the Institute prepared by experts and can immediately work exercise physiologist. According to this, along with the theoretical part of the training the maximum number of hours are devoted to practical skills of physiotherapy. The student learns to work with simulators, mastering techniques and exercises gymnastics.

The fourth level courses entirely dedicated training of exercise therapy in pediatrics. You will learn how to apply the techniques of therapeutic exercises for rehabilitation of children of all ages, from babies to teens.

When the training of future specialists in physical therapy and pass the exam will receive a certificate.

Before the start of classes for the issuance of Certificate LFC must submit the following documents to the training part of the Institute of:

  • copy of passport;
  • a copy of the diploma of medical education with a liner;
  • copy, certifying the change of name (if the name has changed).

The final documents of Completion.

  • Specialist Certificate
  • Certificate of professional development

The training program on public courses baby massage:

The first level. Introduction to physical therapy.
1 Methodological foundations of medical physical culture.
2 The study of physical development. Functional tests.
3 Physiology and biochemistry of exercise. Skeletal muscle.
4 Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system of human: Bone, muscle, ligament.
5 Anatomy of the major organ systems: Nervous, cardio-respiratory and other.
6 The functional relationship between the health of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs.
7 The concept of classical massage and its role in rehabilitation.
8 The concept of post isometric relaxation of muscles. Automiokorrektsiya.
9 The concept of "sport" of the heart.

Second stage. Therapeutic exercise for particular diseases.
1 Exercise therapy in cardiovascular diseases. Hypertonic disease.
2 Physical training in cardiovascular diseases. Hypotension.
3 Exercise therapy in myocardial infarction and chronic ischemic heart disease.
4 Physiotherapy with respiratory diseases. Tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.
5 Respiratory diseases. Bronchial asthma.
6 Exercises for diseases of the digestive system.
7 Medical complexes in diseases of metabolism.
8 Physiotherapy in spastic paralysis.
9 Complexes with flaccid paralysis and paralysis.
10 If it affects the peripheral nerves. Polyneuritis.
11 With neuritis of the facial nerve.
12 Exercise of injured spinal column, complicated by spinal cord injury.
13 Exercising during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
14 Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs. LFC with anomalous position of female genital organs.
15 LFC in violation of posture.
16 Exercise therapy in spinal osteochondrosis.
17 Therapeutic exercise with joint problems.
18 Physiotherapy for total joint replacement.

The third level. Exercising in Surgery and Trauma.
1 Complexes with injuries and surgery of the chest.
2 Of exercises in operations on the abdominal organs.
3 Exercise therapy for diseases of the peripheral vessels.
4 Medical complexes with dislocated shoulder.
5 Therapeutic exercise when damaged cartilage and capsular ligamentous structures of the knee joint.
6 Physiotherapy in injuries capsular ligament ankle and Achilles tendon.
7 Exercise therapy for uncomplicated fractures of the spine.
8 Exercise therapy for fractures of the pelvis.
9 Exercises for fractures of the upper limb.
10 Fizicheksaya culture in fractures of the lower limb.
11 Fizicheksaya culture in multiple and combined trauma.

The fourth level. Therapy in pediatrics.
1 Features of exercise therapy in pediatrics.
2 Gymnastics and massage healthy infants.
3 Physiotherapy and massage with various pathologies of young children (up to three years).
4 Features of physiotherapy and massage for preschoolers.
5 Therapeutic physical training for young and middle-school age.
6 Practice. Exam.

The program state-.
Duration of training 12 weeks (288 TUs)

Cost of training: 34 900 Rub..


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