Certification Course. Cosmetology. Course for cosmetologists with medical education

Сертификационный курс. Косметология

Certification Course. Cosmetology.

The program state-.

Cost of training: 54 900 Rub.

Duration of training 12 weeks(288 TUs)

The final documents of Completion.

  • Specialist Certificate
  • Certificate of professional development

The first level of training "Cosmetology". Introduction course. (Training program for cosmetology courses for specialists)
1 Introduction to General Cosmetology. Terms and Definitions. The modern cosmetics market.
2 Cosmetic chemistry. Cosmetic raw materials. Types of cosmetic products.
3 Anatomy, physiology, skin biochemistry. Basics of Histology.
4 Fundamentals of Dermatology. Skin diseases in the practice of a cosmetologist, beautician tactics.
5 Comprehensive skin diagnostics (theory). Skin types.
6 Sanitation and hygiene. Aseptic and antiseptic rules.
The second level of training "Cosmetology". Basic beauty treatments. (Training program for cosmetology courses for specialists)
1 Comprehensive skin diagnostics (practice).
2 Skin cleansing. Professional methods and tools.
3 masks, compresses, peelings.
4 Eyebrow and eyelash coloring. Eyebrow correction.
5 Basics of professional makeup. Decorative cosmetics.
6 Massage techniques in facial care: beauty massage by Ahabadze, massotherapy.
7 Body care. Cellulite, his diagnostic criteria. Body shaping methods.
8 Aesthetic body massage.
9 Hand care.
10 Bust and décolleté care.
11 Fundamentals of trichology. Possibilities of a cosmetologist in the treatment of baldness.
12 Hair removal methods. Tools and techniques.
The third level of training "Cosmetology". Machine cosmetology. (Training program for cosmetology courses for specialists)
1 The concept of physiotherapy. The impact of physical factors on the human body.
2 Electrotherapy with direct current: electrophoresis, disincrustation.
3 Electrotherapy with impulse current: microcurrent therapy, darsonvalization, electromyostimulation.
4 Therapeutic factors of a mechanical nature: brushing, ultrasound therapy, ultraphonophoresis, ultrasonic peeling.
5 The use of vacuum in cosmetology.
The fourth level of training "Cosmetology". Professional skin and body care. (Training program for cosmetology courses for specialists)
1 Comprehensive professional skin care techniques (Theory and Practice).
2 The use of phyto elements- and aromatherapy in cosmetology.
3 Professional ethics and psychology.
4 Practical work with clients. Filling out diagnostic cards. Comprehensive skin care.
5 Graduate work.


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