Курсы массажа в Мурманске

Курсы массажа в МурманскеNo exaggeration to say, that massage treats, our body, and soul. After a massage not only relieves fatigue, pain in the back, neck, hands and feet, give a surge of vitality and energy, but also have a beneficial effect on our emotional state.

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Address of the branch: y. Мурманск, Street. Samoilova, 1, porch 3

Карта проезда в Мурманске

Курсы обучения массажу в Мурманске рассматривают:

Курсы массажа в Мурманске от ЦПРМ – начало успешной карьеры востребованного массажиста!

Massage courses

I уровень - Классический массаж

“Classic massage”

This course is designed for students with different backgrounds, provides the basic foundation of classical massage, as well as teaches production of masseurs hands.
The cost of courses classical massage:
Base cost - 13 000 Rub.



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