School of Victor and Elena Kovyrzin "Ladaniye"

Victor Kovyrzin – head of the alternative medicine center “GOOD”, as well as the owner and teacher of the School of Viktor and Elena Kovyrzin "Ladaniye".

President of the Karate Federation. Author of the program and a series of seminars “healthy master – master of the future”. Engineering and medical education.
After a severe car accident and a fracture of the spine, the author was healed by a technique, which later became the basis for the development of a unique, unparalleled, methodologies “Ладание”.

Виктор Ковырзин

Training courses

Technique “Ладание” accumulated knowledge of traditional medicine (direct transmission from a hereditary healer of the Vyatka region), latest soft manual techniques (author's development of pulse-wave and soft tissue mobilization), mastery of martial arts and long-term practice of bioenergetic and spatial correction, understanding of the body, interactions of systems and organs from the point of view of a mechanical engineer.

The methodology was tested and refined during 12 years and helped to cure and restore more 10 000 man. The technique is unique to those, that its use has no age restrictions: It is suitable for both children and people aged.

Operation takes place at three levels: physical (manual), energy (bioenergokorrektsiya) and information. The focus is on working with the front part of the body (They will be revealed the ancient secrets of our ancestors when dealing with stomach and lumbar muscles) . Experience of the author with the stomach for about thirty years. Why this technique is required to hold each master? Methods of high performance, treatment and healing. Technique allows to know themselves through a system of exercises “Kixon”, puts ergonomics specialist without the use of muscle tension. You will learn the correct stance, body positions, feet and hands to improve the efficiency of performed tricks, experience joy and satisfaction, not tired of their work. Approach is available to send and receive students for immediate application in practice. Methodology used, when other techniques are ineffective and gives a tremendous result in solving even severe and neglected conditions. Mastering the technique will allow the master to do what he loves for many years without compromising his own health.. The client after Ladaniya therapy receives a state of lightness as a bonus, equilibrium, rest, appeasement, joy and love. Every master can successfully apply this technique., regardless of the number of previous mastered massage techniques. The best students of Viktor Kovyrzin are those, who were healed by his method and , no massage skills, started studying.

What will the master master after training?

“My main task during the training is to carry out a direct transfer of the methodology “Ладание” through the hands of the teacher to the hands of the student during training, put the hands of the master and reveal in him a sense of the depth of the impact to achieve a powerful result after each procedure. We will put into practice unique author's techniques: neuromuscular reprogramming, through conscious relaxation (through awareness of the client in tandem with the master) and the reverse impulse method; deep tissue massage through wave mobilization and a special oil technique to restore the tissues to their natural state: soft, homogeneous and painless. Pulse wave mobilization modules, psychosomatic correction and bioenergetic correction can be used by advanced specialists in their approach, already mastered the technique “Ладание. Level I” and successfully applied in practice. The method is not only effective, but also very interesting for the master, as work becomes an exercise in awareness, revealing the inner abilities of your body and consciousness, the development of feelings, premonitions, intuition and perception. Impossible to know anything, not knowing YOURSELF! Make your work interesting journey to self-knowledge and the world!


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