Нейроседативный массаж тела

Seminar “Нейроседативный массаж тела (anti-stress body massage)”

The essence of the massage is in attraction to the work of the same receptors, which form the dominant pathological - the principle of "steal". The human cerebral cortex, I am in a state of stress, formed dominant excitation. Massage affects the same areas of the cortex and subcortical centers, displacing negative dominant and forming a new, with positive emotional coloring.

As a result, anti-stress massage treatments actually increases the excitability threshold, Therefore, the client has needs stronger stimulus, to bring it out of balance. The client becomes calm, inert to household problems, which were previously perceived them, как трагедия. Когда невозможно устранить причину стресса, эта массажная техника помогает, не меняя ничего извне, изменить отношение клиента к самой ситуации. masseur work consists of a very tactile surface movements on the level - light strokes, nice slides and deep enough to muscular system.

The technique is widely employed a variety of massage techniques: - a familiar work with fingertips and palm - work forearm, локтем и основанием ладони — множество альтернативных (разнонаправленных), перекрестных и несинхронных движений. Начиная работать на макроуровне (психоэмоциональном статусе человека), we gradually move to the tissue level (connecting mechanisms of the vascular and muscular adaptation).

After passing through the seminar, participants receive a diploma School.

Duration of the seminar 3 Day.
Cost of the workshop 16 000 Rub.

Нейроседативный массаж тела
relax completely — это значит отключиться от внешнего мира, уйти от своих мыслей, и просто оказаться наедине с самым близким человеком — с самим собой.

Седативный массаж - a very powerful tool for dealing with stress, which also does not take much time. If relaxation will become a habit, then you will be surprised of its results. There is an unusual burst of energy, It comes vivacity.

The workshop program:

  • The theory of stress.
  • Theoretical and physiological basis of massage.
  • Adaptation of tissue and blood vessels to profound effects.
  • Воздействие на восстановление нервной системы.
  • Восстановление работы мышечной системы.
  • Приемы с использованием методов альтернативы и трансференции.
  • Практическая отработка.


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