Global approach to restoring health

Basic Seminar 1 stage - A global approach to restoring health

Workshop “A global approach to restoring the health of the method “Touching Angel” will address the following questions:

Global approach to restoring health. The axis of the natural posture – non-physiological fulcrum health. Entrance to the postural system, correction of posture through sensors (Posture).

  1. The basic concept of the method.
  2. Major appliances: presence, attention, intention and perception.
  3. Introduction to the direct experience of the presence of – experience the joy “son from meeting his mother”.
  4. Yoga Consciousness – the basis of self-healing of the health.
  5. Identifying dysfunction, definition of a dominant.
  6. Treatment techniques: Skull, Spine, belt upper and lower extremities, limbs, visceral areas.
  7. Tech harmonization – the completion of the.
  8. Relationship therapist / patient.
  9. The principle of the algorithm steps therapist "falling leaf".

The seminar will explore, and mastered and osteopathic techniques restoring health.

The Cost: 15 000 Rub.


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