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Massage courses in Moscow from CPRM: value, prospects

Most people tend to use less medication, if there is an alternative method of treatment.

Nowadays, a huge popular natural sources of health recovery, among them, and massage (You can visit facial massage courses, East, classical or professional massage in our center). It is not surprising, that learning massage is very popular in Moscow, as well as training therapists in other regions of Russia.

Modern medical schools often offer service training therapists, supporting the view of the positive effects of massage as a preventive measure, at the time of rehabilitation and treatment of human.

Now, fortunately, learn simple massage technique, anyone can easily register for courses and massage, receiving a quality education massage in Moscow, will delight your loved ones such skills or start doing massage professionally.


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The mission of the Center

Our job is to, that everyone had the opportunity to attend massage courses in Moscow, regardless of whether he has the physical training and medical education. We offer quality training massage, skills which are applicable in everyday life, and in professional.

Training therapists in our center includes not only training massage, but also the psychology of the customer (important factor), Technology sales of its services.

With the support of the Association of Massage Therapists massage we provide training in Moscow, provide legal assistance to our graduates and economic, that is, is not just a massage courses in Moscow, contributing to the deepening of professional knowledge, – an opportunity to prospective employment or start their own business.

Our company was founded in 2003 year, Today it is the largest center, offering massage courses in Moscow, conducting training and education of massage therapists in Russia. The staff now includes more 500 man. The main functions are to the center of professional training of Russian students, Using massage courses on copyright procedures Vlad Miller. Learn Massage in Moscow - is a great opportunity to build careers for our graduates.

The mission of the center - training therapists, that make up the elite professionals, with preparing an international level.

Massage courses are held in Moscow, the best experts, having faculty talent. Learning massage is performed using visual aids, in the classroom, that are equipped with special equipment. Our massage courses pay special attention to the professional production of masseurs hands. Learn massage aimed at the center, first, on practical skills, not just theoretical training therapists.

So, visiting massage courses, You will plunge into the casual ambience Occupation, appreciate the creative approach, business and forged friendships.


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